Pedicab Tours of Central Park

Pedicab Tours of Central Park
Off the beating paths - 2Hrs , 3Hrs +

Buy OFFICIAL Tickets by NYC Pedicab Tours: 2Hr, 3Hrs +

Official Central Park Pedicab Tours

Pedicab Tours of Central Park:

The Secret is a truly local experience, designed why seasoned tour guides, for anyone that wants to see Central Park off-the-beaten-path, places that inspire and make it so captivating to true locals. We sure stop at the main highlights, but we do go an extra mile to see more, hidden and secret places.

Good to Know:

• We see and Stops at all main Highlights. Perfect to get details and picture Opt.
• All tours are private, small groups, its perfect for all family and ages.
• Choose your tour at anytime, perfect to fit your schedule

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