Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Fountain - The Angel of the Water

Bethesda Terrace
Bethesda Arcade and The Minton tiles

The heart of Central Park. In Vaux’s own words, “The landscape is everything, the architecture is nothing until you get to the Terrace.” Construction of Upper Terrace began in 1859, just months after the lake was excavated and filled in December 1858.

Bethesda Fountain - Central Park Tours
Bethesda Fountain
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The Angel of the Waters

The bronze figure af angel was was created by Emma Stebbing, the first woman to receive a commission for major public work in NYC.
Dedicated in 1873, the angel blesses the water with the right hand and carries a lily flower on the left, a symbol of purity.

The Angel with that gesture of blessing the water down it makes reference to the Gospel of John, Chapter 5, where narrates the story of an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda, giving it healing powers.

Angel of the Water, Bethesda Fountain - Central Park Tours
Angel of the Waters

The Angel of the Waters atop the Bethesda Fountain, celebrates the opening of the Croton Aqueduct, which brought fresh water to the city in 1842.

Bethesda Terrace and Arcade

Bethesda Terrace - Photo/credit by All-Around-Central-Park

Inside the arches is a vaulted ceiling covered with 16000 Minton titles designed by Jacob Mould.

Bethesda Arcade and Minton tiles

These tiles were made at England by Minton, Hollins and Company, Central Park is one of few places where we can appreciate this unique type of tiles, and the other place is at the U.S Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Bethesda Arcade by official NYC Pedicab Tours
Bethesda Arcade
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Minton Tiles at Bethesda Arcade

The Minton tile ceiling design is made up of 15,876 individual encaustic tiles.

Central Park Mid - Enter at 72nd Street and 5 Avenue.

Nearby Attrractions:
Bethesda Arcade, The Mall, The Lake, Naumburg Bandshell, The Boathouse, Cherry Hill.

Movies Filmed:
Enchanted, Ransom, Stepmom, Stuart Little, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, John Wick, The Avangers, Maid in Manhattan, Hairspray, Engels in America, Gossip Girls.

How to Get There:
Visitors can easily reach this major attraction, which is on 72nd St and minutes away from either 5th Ave or Central Park West. But if you are looking for a leisurely pedicab tour guided, our pedicab guides are ready for the full experience. Please Book online we have live availability 24/7

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