Rumsey Playfield

Rumsey Playfield

The summer stage in Central Park- GMA - Good Morning America

SummerStage in Central Park

The GMA Summer Concer Series.

Bow Bridge by Central Park Tours
GMA - Summer Stage
Photo by S.Liu-GMA-Rumsey_Fields- Summer Concert Series

Rumsey Playfield is a summer venue for music from around the world, dance, fundraisers, private events, and more. It is the home for the Summer Stage cultural series and the GMA TV concert series.
In the late 19th century, there was a Ladies Refreshment Saloon, a respectable establishment where, in the Golden Years, it was converted into a refine restaurant known as the Casino (*) - Not a gamble place with roulette tables or slot machines, but actually a park’s first formal restaurant for coed dining.
(*) Casino: It means a “Little House” in Italian

As the Casino run for year as highend customer and exclusive nightlife scene during the roring 20's, even during the period of the Great Depression, however as the the prices remained relatively expensive and not easy affordable for the general public, in a public space.
In 1935, new Commissioner of the NYC Department of Parks Robert Moses torn down The Casino, and two years later, in May 1937, the two-acre Mary Harriman Rumsey Playground for children, now known as Rumsey Playfield, was opened.

19th Century - Popular speaky During the Years of the Prohibition - Ladies Refreshement Saloon.

1929 Central Park Casino Torn Down by Robert Moses Photo-Credit:

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