Cherry Hill Fountain

Cherry Hill Fountain

The 'Pedicab Friend's Fountain'

Designed by Jacob Wrey Mould and dedicated in the 1860s, the ornamental structure was originally designed as a watering trough for horses during the 19th century.

Chery Fountain by Official NYC Pedicab Tours
Cherry Fountain
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It’s important to say the fountain is often mistaken by park visitors for one used in the opening theme of the television show Friends, which is located on the back of Warner Bros Studios, Ranch Lot in Burbank, California.
However in the pedicab pop culture, Cherry Hill Fountain⛲️ is referred to as The ‘Pedicab Friends’ Fountain, and it's tradition if you are here for everyone to Jump! Or lift ourselves Up! for an amusing and memorable picture.

Cherry Fountain in 1870’s Photo:

Mid-park at 72nd St.

How to Get There:
One of the best way to reach Cherry Fountain and the rest of the Park Attractions, consider taking an Official Pedicab Tour as it provides unique experiences and 100% reliable services.

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