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Central Park Attractions by OFFICIAL Pedicab Tours

Visit iconic attractions like Bethesda Fountain, Strawberry Fields, Bow Bridge, The Belvedere Castle and more.

Central Park Attractions Pedicab Riders
OFFICIAL Central Park Tours

Central Park Classic Pedicab Tour, covers all main attractions of Central Park, we have customized tours of 1 hour to 3hour, Enjoy as you ride, with several optional stops along the way.
Popular stops include the Wollman Rink, Bethesda Terrace & Fountain, Cherry Hill Fountain (Aka. the 'Friends' fountain), the Boat Pond, the Bow Bridge, the Lake, Strawberry Fields & the Dakota building. 2Hr. Pedicab Tours will go further up in distance with additional stops at Alice in Wonderland statue, the Castle, Shakespeare Garden & the Reservoir.
All stops are optional however some stops are definitely recommended and we'll be sure to mention those.
There will be time to stop for short walks, stretching and taking photos, however you will be on the pedicab most of the time for your relaxation and comfort.

It was... Adults $120Kids $90
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