Must see Places inside Central Park

10 Must See Places inside Central Park - NYC

There is not a more perfect season for a Pedicab discovery tours at Central Park than Spring, Summer and the Fall.
From the past years to present day, Central Park never fail to impress us with its beauty and nature, these are the places or things you don’t want to miss at Central Park.

1- Walk the Mall, stand at the Bethesda terrace, facing the Angel, and over look the lake, and try to look the eyes at least the face of the ‘Angel’ you will be bless!
10 must see places at Central Park

2- Take a look the oldest and first sculpture put in Central Park, Eagles and Prey, designed and created by Christopher Fratin, an amazing display of attack by air to land.
10 Must see places at Central Park

 3- Balto, who honors the sled dog who saved Alaska's children from a diphtheria 02-1925
10 Must see places at Central Park

 4- Favorite children sculptures Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christian Anderson.
10 Must see places at Central Park

5- Strawberry Fields ‘John Lennon’s Garden Memorial,’ features the IMAGINE mosaic as a symbol of PEACE, this is a must visit place for the Beatle’s and John Lennon’s fan
10 Must see places at Central Park

6- The Bow Bridge, consider the most romantic setting from all 36 Central Park’s bridges.
10 must see Places at Central Park by pedicab tours

7- The Shakespeare Garden a beautiful place  to 'Stop and smell the flowers' which imitates Anne Hathaway’s garden from Stratford-East London, England.

Shakespeare Garden - Must See at Central Park, NYC
Shakespeare Garden at Spring Photo Credit: #centralparkpedicabs

8- For the best and highest views of the Park and Cityscape go to the Belvedere Castle-1869
The Castle - Must see places at Central Park

9- Visit the Conservatory Gardens a display of an Italian, French, and English Style garden. Early spring you will see beautiful color at the Wisteria Pergola.
10 Must see places at Central Park, New York City

10- North Woods: The water falls, The Loch and Huddlestone arches, the most naturalistic places in Central Park.
Water Falls at Central Park

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