Central Park Zoo

Central Park Children Pet Zoo

Central Park Zoo / The Tisch Children's Zoo

The Central Park Zoo is a 6.5-acre zoo located at the southeast corner of Central Park in New York City. It is part of an integrated system of four zoos and one aquarium managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The south-east corner of Central Park was pre assigned 1860 as the informal zoo, personal pets and donated exotic pets were storage and left at the Arsenal building.
In 1934 Parks Commissioner Robert Moses direct funds to construct an official Central Park Zoo.

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Central Park Zoo
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In 1980 the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) entered into an agreement with the City of New York to renovate and operate the zoo on behalf of the Parks Department.

Arsenal Building at Centra Park

The Arsenal Building at Central Park
The Arsenal in 1911

The Arsenal was designed by Martin E. Thompson, Style: Gothic Revival

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Central Park SOUTH - Enter at 59th Street and 5 Avenue.

Movies Filmed:
Mr. Popper’s Penguins, One Fine Day, My Sassy Girl, Madagascar - Film franchise, The Penguins of Madagascar.

Public Hours:
Everyday from: 10am to 5pm
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