The Great Lawn - Central Park, NYC

The Great Lawn

Central Park's Great Lawn

The Great Lawn was originally the site of the rectangular Croton Reservoir. The resevoir was drained in 1931 and filled with excavation moateral from Rockefeller Center and the Eight Avenue subway.

The Great Lawn
The Great Lawn
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The 1980 Elton Jonh Concert drew 300,000 attendees, the 1981 Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert more than 500,000, and the 1982 Anti-NUclear Rally near 750,000.

A “Hooverville” was a shanty town built by homeless people during the Great Depression. Named after Herbert Hoover, who was president during the Depression and widely blamed for it.

Central Park Hooverville with Central Park West in the Background in 1932. Phonto.NY Daily News Archive

Mid-Park between 79th and 85th.

How to Get There:
Visit The Great Lawn in the north of the 79th and 85th Street Transverse. For one of the best experiences join us in a round-trip guided tour, choose our 2 or 3 hour Pedicab Tour.

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